Connecting talent with opportunity

Client and Candidate Services

For Clients:


In today’s economy and marketplace, management must provide leadership, drive the mission of the company, advance products, and increase shareholder value. To locate and secure the right combination of experience, skills, and vision, leading companies choose Denville Partners as their partner in search. We thoroughly research each client company to identify core values and analyze the organization’s corporate culture, we understand the immediate and longer term objectives of the position, and we search using a performance driven metric system.


Two elements to attracting suitable candidates is compelling positioning and advocacy. We engage with key people in order to gain a firm understanding of the position, the organization and its objectives, as confidentiality allows. From this we will develop a position statement that suits your mandate and attracts the appropriate professional.


Denville Partners’ uses Classical Search methods in tandem with our proprietary database and our research team to provide an exhaustive and thorough search. Utilizing all of our internal and external resources, we develop an in-depth target list of prospective candidates covering appropriate targets. This cutting edge technology, coupled with our industry-specific knowledge, breadth of experience, superior network and exceptional standards, helps drive our extraordinary success rate.


Once the potential candidate list is developed we pre-screen each individual to determine how well they fit your stated criteria. You only need to look at the top candidates and we provide a thorough evaluation of references for all presented.


On behalf of, or in conjunction with the client company, we can negotiate all facets of candidate offers, including compensation and relocation. Placing a senior level candidate may require additional consideration of which we are happy to provide counsel.


We build long-term relationships. After the individual is in place, we stay in contact with both the client company and the candidate to insure the success of the placement.  We build teams.  Yes, most of our work is retained but we bring true value by supporting your new leader in his or her hiring needs.  We are happy to discuss the best approach for each position.

For Candidates:


We take the time to listen and understand your skills, talents, and needs. This is not a short term proposition.  Senior level opportunities are few in number and highly competitive.  Only you know when it is time to consider making a move.  We only present opportunities which match your criteria, and we give you the information you need to make the best decision.


Denville Partners will be your tireless advocate to the top biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We will present your skills effectively and accurately. We will put you on the inside track, cutting through layers of bureaucracy and ensuring that the right people recognize your talents.


Denville Partners is a full life cycle search firm.  We will work closely with you through opportunity evaluation, interview process, offer negotiation, offer acceptance, and relocation.  Our work is now just beginning.  Once the congratulations have been given, we look forward to working with you to build a world class team.


We build and maintain long-term relationships. After you have landed in this next phase of your career, we stay in contact with you and your new home to ensure success.  We build winning organizations and teams.  We look forward to supporting your critical hiring as you evolve into your new position.  Yes, most of our work is retained but we bring true value by supporting your hiring needs.  We are happy to discuss the best approach for each position.


To Clients and Candidates – Our Philosophy and Approach:

We approach each search with the understanding of how critical each senior level hire is to the success of our client.  We approach every one of our interactions are with a long term view.  Denville Partners is especially proud of the fact that many of the candidates we initially evaluate and interview for executive opportunities become clients.  Candidates and clients alike approve of our approach.  This is critical and a testament to the value we add as your partner in search in both the short and long term.